Never Complain!!

Out of greed or for our so-called necessity, we the people constructed buildings and houses in every corners. The result of this act led to the lack of trees and there is no place for the birds to build their nest to live.

Unfortunately, resulting from a bad luck, a bird family started to build their nest in our street electric post near my home. The birds were unaware about the danger that they are going to face in the electric post.

We too never noticed it. One day, during the noon time the birds were going to finish off its final touch in their building process. It collected the grass from far away place which we could never imagine. This is the picture that I captured when it was resting.

During the evening, they settled everything and started to live in their new nest. It even carried its two babies with it. But, unfortunately there came a heavy rain. The whole nest was destroyed. By God’s grace, the birds were safe.

What did they do? Did they cry? Did they complain?

No!!!!!It neither complained about the rain nor cried why that was happening to them. But, ‘It chose action over whining’. It started looking for another place to build their nest. I learnt a lesson from that evening.

“We are responsible to make the things better rather than whining and complaining”. So, be responsible and stop Complaining.

Have a beautiful day!


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