I’m A Wonder!


Started my fresh morning with new best compliment “I’m a Wonder”. Yes!!I’m a new “me” today.😆😆

                   One of the best things happened in this lock down is ‘Tutoring’. Since, Schools were not opened, parents are worried about their children’s education. They seek various sources to educate them. Here, they asked me to teach their children. Surprisingly, I enrolled three neighborhood children for Tuition. I teach them every morning.

                    One of them is a 6-year-old boy. I worried that, it would be bit hard to teach him and he might feel difficult in studying. But, for God’s sake, he’s a brainy guy and grasps everything quickly.

                    Well!! I was teaching him General Knowledge and the topic was “7 Wonders of the World”. I was just dictating him the spelling of those wonders and asked him to repeat. He repeated it few times and then he stopped. He started asking questions like “Sissy!! Why it is called wonder”? In order to make him understand, I answered him saying, “Because, it is beautiful, amazing and it’s beauty cannot be compared with anything”.

                   He understood that meaning, and asked me “Am I a wonder too”? I was shocked, and replied “Yes!! You are a wonder!!”. He then asked, ‘Why my picture was not there in the text book’? My reaction was like😮😮. I couldn’t answer him. I was just thinking, what answer I should give him.

                    But his matured mind found the answer for his question quickly. He said, “Sissy, ‘You are a wonder too’!! You are beautiful, amazing and you know how to teach me. Even, my mom and dad are wonders too. Everyone is a wonder. So, it would be difficult to print the photocopy of everyone in text book. And that’s why, they just selected these 7 wonders to print.

I’m really shocked and amazed to his answer. He made me feel that, “I’m a wonder”. And, so you are. Yes!! You are a wonder too.

                    Instead of telling  “I’m A Loser”, “I’m A Mess” everyday. Tell to yourself, “I’m a Wonder” and start your day.

Have a beautiful day!!


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