Just keep swimming!!

Never thought that I have been a self motivator since grade 5. I haven’t realised the phrase ‘Just keep swimming’ when I watched the movie too.

Can you guess the movie?? Yeah!! The movie named “Finding Nemo”. Don’t forget to watch it. No matter what your age is, you’ll find it interesting.

Now coming to the point. I realised it when I saw a tattoo in my friends arm. First, I noticed that ‘It’s a boring stuff, and  it’s not a big deal in tattooing that phrase’. Here comes the tattoo.

Later, I thought to give a life into that phrase. And it took me down to the memory lane 13 years ago.

I was infront of my hindi Tutor receiving answer sheet. I knew that I screwed up the exam and was  going to receive the punishment.

Unfortunately, she didn’t gave me a physical punishment. Instead, she punished me with her words because I used to top the class.

I was disgraced before the entire class. That moment is my “sink or swim” moment. And there started the magic of this phrase. I continuously scored cent percent results in hindi exams.

What was the magic?? I motivated myself that I should  never give up and must score well in my next exam. And, I achieved it too.

What would have happened if I started to sink at that moment? I assure that I wouldn’t have been blogging here about this phrase today.

I think, everyone will encounter this moment. It’s up to you that you choose to either sink or swim. You’ll feel sinking in your desperate situations but remember you are never born to sink.

Keep swimming!!! 🏊

Have a happy ending!!πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “Just keep swimming!!

  1. Beautifully written πŸ˜ƒ most people when they see my tattoo ask this are you are swimmer? Or if they understood it’s from nemo they ask are u a kid πŸ˜‚ but the fact is beyond all it means to progress as you said!

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