Mom’s Note!!

Today is a special day. Yeah!!!It’s mother’s day. Come let’s open and read the notes written by our ‘Mom’. I promise, you’ll hear a ‘voice of love‘.

Here you go……

Breakfast is ready;
My love is steady;
But, you are tired already.

Lunch is served;
My dreams are dried;
But, you still cried.

Dinner is over;
My job is a server;
But, you never made me an approver.

The sky is clear;
My presence is near;
But, your attention is rear.

The stars are more;
My words are crore;
But, your replies are not sure.

Oh!!!My dear;
The days are near;
I’m not sure, I’ll be here;
But, I’ll make sure you’ll live without fear.

Did you feel the lines? How could we not feel it? Those are the thoughts of our mother.

We just can’t sum up her love towards us. She sacrificed her dreams for us and what not? Yes!!Mom’s love is beyond infinity.

But, we fail in giving attention to her. Let’s not repeat the mistake. Let’s embrace her and love her more and more.

To all the mother’s out there, I wish you a happy mother’s day.

With love,

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