“One perfect love triangle of writers”

Come let’s start with a riddle. This is the riddle for writers.

Riddle 1: “When I was in the desert of lost hope, there was one who rolled towards me saying ‘Just hold me, and I’ll be with you forever’. Guess, ‘who rolled‘?”

Riddle 2: “When I was in great agony, there was one who flew towards me saying ‘Just pick me, and I’ll give you shelter for venting out your emotions’. Guess, ‘who flew‘?”

Don’t tell me that, Panda rolled towards me when I was in the desert of lost hope and Bat man flew towards me when I was in great agony. LolπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Seriously, a new journey starts at the moment when you try to hold it and pick it. Interestingly, it’s the starting point of every writers.

Nowadays, latest technological use pervaded the writings in different way. We also know that, there is rapid increase in writing tools. Those tools are magnificent. But, none of the latest tools cherished the soul of the writers.

Wait!!! Have you guessed the answer for the riddles?? If no, read the upcoming points carefully.

Ya… Again coming to writing tools, we are most fond on ‘pen’ and ‘paper’. They are the first tool used by almost all the writers.

Do you know?? Those scribbled papers and ripped pens are the treasures for writers.

No greater joy is found for a writer more than their own writing. As you know, writing is a form of art. Writing is love. It is embedded in the heart and mind of each people.

Oops!! Sorry..I did not discuss the topic. The below image gives the detailed version of the topic.

Yess!!!Every writer would proudly say that “Myself + pen + paper” make a perfect love triangle. And yes..they make a good combo.

Well!!No matter in what situation you are, pick a pen and paper and start writing. I’m sure you’ll see a magic in it which cherishes your soul.

I don’t know whether you guessed the answers for the riddle or not..But the lines in the riddles are heart whelming which came from the deepest of my heart.

Don’t forget to drop out the answers for riddle in comment box.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Keep writing!!!

Have a beautiful day!!


6 thoughts on ““One perfect love triangle of writers”

  1. Give a writer a pen and a paper, He/she will create a kingdom or uproot one, create love or destroy one, create a mystical universe where the limits of current ones are broken into pieces and shooted via the pen to create a magical journey πŸ™‚ keep rocking gal! 😍

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