Mom’s Note!!

Today is a special day. Yeah!!!It’s mother’s day. Come let’s open and read the notes written by our ‘Mom’. I promise, you’ll hear a ‘voice of love‘.

Here you go……

Breakfast is ready;
My love is steady;
But, you are tired already.

Lunch is served;
My dreams are dried;
But, you still cried.

Dinner is over;
My job is a server;
But, you never made me an approver.

The sky is clear;
My presence is near;
But, your attention is rear.

The stars are more;
My words are crore;
But, your replies are not sure.

Oh!!!My dear;
The days are near;
I’m not sure, I’ll be here;
But, I’ll make sure you’ll live without fear.

Did you feel the lines? How could we not feel it? Those are the thoughts of our mother.

We just can’t sum up her love towards us. She sacrificed her dreams for us and what not? Yes!!Mom’s love is beyond infinity.

But, we fail in giving attention to her. Let’s not repeat the mistake. Let’s embrace her and love her more and more.

To all the mother’s out there, I wish you a happy mother’s day.

With love,

“One perfect love triangle of writers”

Come let’s start with a riddle. This is the riddle for writers.

Riddle 1: “When I was in the desert of lost hope, there was one who rolled towards me saying ‘Just hold me, and I’ll be with you forever’. Guess, ‘who rolled‘?”

Riddle 2: “When I was in great agony, there was one who flew towards me saying ‘Just pick me, and I’ll give you shelter for venting out your emotions’. Guess, ‘who flew‘?”

Don’t tell me that, Panda rolled towards me when I was in the desert of lost hope and Bat man flew towards me when I was in great agony. LolπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Seriously, a new journey starts at the moment when you try to hold it and pick it. Interestingly, it’s the starting point of every writers.

Nowadays, latest technological use pervaded the writings in different way. We also know that, there is rapid increase in writing tools. Those tools are magnificent. But, none of the latest tools cherished the soul of the writers.

Wait!!! Have you guessed the answer for the riddles?? If no, read the upcoming points carefully.

Ya… Again coming to writing tools, we are most fond on ‘pen’ and ‘paper’. They are the first tool used by almost all the writers.

Do you know?? Those scribbled papers and ripped pens are the treasures for writers.

No greater joy is found for a writer more than their own writing. As you know, writing is a form of art. Writing is love. It is embedded in the heart and mind of each people.

Oops!! Sorry..I did not discuss the topic. The below image gives the detailed version of the topic.

Yess!!!Every writer would proudly say that “Myself + pen + paper” make a perfect love triangle. And yes..they make a good combo.

Well!!No matter in what situation you are, pick a pen and paper and start writing. I’m sure you’ll see a magic in it which cherishes your soul.

I don’t know whether you guessed the answers for the riddle or not..But the lines in the riddles are heart whelming which came from the deepest of my heart.

Don’t forget to drop out the answers for riddle in comment box.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Keep writing!!!

“Make change but never replace”

Why bother replacing when there is a change?

Yeah!! You might have experienced the fact that change is not permanent. But, one of the Greek philosopher named Heraclitus quoted that “Change is the only constant in life”. We encounter change in our day to day life. Ohhhh Yes!! Time changes, there is a change in weather, and even people do change.

Now, just flick through the question that I mentioned above. Yes. We don’t need a replacement when there is a change.πŸ™†

1. “Make change in Attitude“:

Well!!!You can relate the above image to an incident in your institution/office where one of your higher authority yells at you or your colleagues – “You arrogant jerk!! How dare you show your attitude towards me?”πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’as it continues…. BangπŸ™‰..smashπŸ™‰..and crashπŸ™‰…which drives you crazy and where you can lively enjoy the fountain of blood flowing from your colleagues ear.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Sometimes, you could attain a state of deafness too. Be alert.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jokes apart. We need a change in our attitude. If you are a person with negative attitude, change it into positive. (Note: Obtaining positive attitude is one of the key to success).

Honestly speaking, “Attitude is Everything”. Change your attitude but never replace. I repeat, “Never ever replace your attitude“. Your attitude defines ‘who you are’. Don’t lose your originality by losing your attitude.

2. “Bring change in person but never replace them“:

Well, ‘Break up’ hurts ‘separation in your family’ hurts.

My beloved readers, I know everyone of you have experienced hurt. Even I do. There is no greater pain than being separated from your family or being rejected by your loved ones. Uffffff……Let’s not get drenched emotionally.

Of course. People do change. Because, they encounter various other people and learn different traits in their journey of life.

When you find fault with your loved ones, try to change them to a better person. Don’t aim at replacing them. Your life will be miserable and all your bliss in the past will fade away when you tend to replace them. So, try not to replace them😊.

I hope you’ll make a change in your life too. Renew your life everyday and have a happy ending.πŸ˜‰